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Our Story

When our founder Dean Bernard made his regular visits to church in Knightsbridge, London, he would often stop to admire the luxury of the area. Home to some of Britain’s wealthiest, this is a place where grandeur is on full display – and Dean soaked it all up. That was 2016, and in the years since, Dean’s vision has blossomed out of those regular visits.

During a breakfast at a popular Brompton road cafe, Dean noticed a pattern. Every hand that held a cup of coffee led to a wrist adorned with a Swiss watch, each more magnificent (and expensive-looking) than the last one. This image stuck with Dean. He knew that he wanted to help others to get a piece of what these aristocrats in the cafe had, what they probably never even thought about.

Passionate about watch making and about e-commerce, Dean launched his own brand, in time turning it into the Knightsbridge Collection. The Knightsbridge Collection stands for affordable luxury, timeless timepieces that everyone can appreciate and that hearken back to those regular church visits Dean made, the ones that would inspire him to start a business for himself – a business centered on magnificence for all!

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